Craft the perfect explainer video for your business.

Bring your product or service to life with a customized animated video.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is an attention grabbing, visual form of communication. Explainer videos can be used to introduce new things to the world, promote established brands and even educate. There are many styles of explainer videos, whiteboard, animation, motion graphics, typography, even live action video for business. With the consumer average attention span and willingness to read on the decline, businesses are turning to explainer videos for good reason. All of your explainer videos, whiteboard animation and video for business needs can be found on our site. From having us produce a killer one just for you, to learning how to create your own. Explainer videos are our passion and we are here to share that passion.

Motion Graphics & Animation
Use stunning animated graphics to educate and explain anything you like. Perfect for conveying complicated ideas or processes.

  • 2D and 3D Motion Graphics
    Cartoon Explainer Videos
    Whiteboard Animations
    Screen Capture Demos

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STEP 1: Write A Script
We take the time to get to know you, your business, your audience and what sets you apart. Yes… real intimate. With this information, we write a captivating script that will convey an engaging, concise and effective message to your audience.

STEP 3: Story-Board
With the voice over and music determined, our storyboard artists get down and dirty with creativity and ingenuity.
These sketched storyboard are used to determine the direction and the flow of the animation in extreme detail. The animation begins to become a beautiful reality.

STEP 2: Voice Over & Music
The voice over of your script is recorded at the absolute highest quality in a studio by a voice professional. Background music is then applied to the voice over in order to set the mood of the video.

STEP 4: Design
Our designers take the storyboard sketches, say “To hell with lines… let’s spice this thing up!” they then proceed to create detailed characters and elements using colors that are vibrant, rich and downright magical.

STEP 5: Animate And Add Sound FX
Lastly, our animators and sound engineers gather all the work above, lose lots of sleep, drink lots of coffee and work their computers like dogs to deliver a final product that rocks socks off!

SEO., YouTube and Video Marketing

Producing a great video is the first part of the process. In order to guarantee tangible results, we must optimize and drive targeted traffic to your new video presentation.

Top Notch SEO Services
Marketing Consultations
YouTube Optimization
Custom Players and More!


Ready To Take The Next Step & Stand Out?

Every Brand Has a Story. Every Business Needs a Brand.
We love being able to tell a Brand Story. Getting to the heart of the matter is what your customers and audience want to see.
*Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text.

Animated videos compact and compress the lengthy content you need to present your business or business process into a packaged video that makes it easy for a viewers to process and understand.
Your animated video is made to order from scratch. We work with you on the script and show you rough drafts throughout the process until the final video is delivered. The typical turn around time is 3-8 weeks depending on complexity and length of video. We recommend that your animated video’s target length should be 1:30. Remeber, animated videos are great for sales and increasing conversions.

Explainer videos are animated shorts that quickly and clearly explain your product or service to visitors. When done correctly, explainer videos can drastically improve conversion rates.

However, they need to be done correctly – otherwise they’re wasting your money and communicating the wrong message to your customers. When businesses try and save money by hiring a company overseas to create the video, the quality suffers, and the videos don’t make an impact.

There is nothing worse than an explainer video with a poorly written script and the same template as a million other videos.

We Work in All Verticals

Before anything else, we set up a time to discuss your business. In order to for us to write a perfect script, we need to fully understand your business, industry and marketing message. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across dozens of verticals. No matter what your business does, we will find the perfect means to communicate your message.

Fast Turnaround Time

Your customer won’t wait, so we won’t make you either.

Within just 3 weeks we will deliver your 100% custom created explainer video. In addition, help you distribute that video to over 20 video sharing networks to start getting the word out.

Custom Script Copy

It’s all about the script.

Seriously, the visuals are great, but the script drives the message. After we’ve discussed your business, we go to work writing your custom script. In case you haven’t read any of our stuff, check out our blog. Our writing has been featured on the world’s top marketing websites. So, yeah, we like to think our writing is pretty good.

Videos Customized for Your Business

With your script in hand, we create a custom wireframe.

This wireframe is a simple but powerful mock up that our design team can work off of. We then go to work creating your custom animation – no two videos that we do are the same.