Google Search Console sending AMP notifications to encourage adoption

Aug 9, 2016 | Search Engine Land

Google is proactively pushing AMP through the Google Search Console message center.

Earlier this month, Google announced they are bringing AMP pages to all mobile search results in the future and opened a demo for searchers to play with it.

In an effort to drive awareness of this update, Google has been messaging webmasters and site owners through the Google Search Console message center about adopting AMP.

The message says “Create AMP pages to be shown in Google Search for” your site.

Google has detected that your site has many pages that may benefit from being served as AMP pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are HTML pages that are optimized to load fast on mobile devices. Learn more about AMP benefits in the resources below. Valid AMP pages on your site will be eligible to be shown in search results and receive special badging in search results.

These messages are going not to just publishers but to all websites, in some sort of order. The messages started going out last week, and here is a copy we received at our sister site, Marketing Land.

Create AMP pages to be shown in Google Search

Sites that are AMP-friendly already but are not publisher/news-oriented are getting messages that they can test their pages using the AMP demo site. Here is a screen shot of that message from@AlanBleiweiss:


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