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As the internet continues to become an ever-present feature of our lives, more and more business transactions will begin – and end – online. For many businesses, the customer’s journey already begins with a search from a desktop or smartphone. Not showing up in the results can mean you’ve lost the sale right out of the gate.

Put simply, search engine optimization (or SEO) is about putting your business in front of the very people who are already looking for your products or services. To accomplish this, your site needs to be both relevant and authoritative on the topics your customers are searching for. Anthea May’s SEO services help make that happen by building massive authority in the eyes of the search engines.

Through a combination of technical expertise, in-depth keyword research, well-written copy, and targeted content promotion, Anthea May has helped businesses across a wide variety of industries connect with new customers.

Because every website is unique and has it’s own unique competition and goals, SEO projects can take many forms and an effective SEO strategy will always be tailored to the specific needs of the client and their specific business goals. Deciding which services are right for your business will ultimately depend on where you want to go. Once we understand more about your business, we can map out the right strategy that best suits your needs.

Competitive Keyword Research
Keyword-Targeted Copy-writing
Link Building and Content Promotion
Technical Compliance Audits
Local Search Appearance Optimization
Reputation Management
Social Media Promotion

Search engines, such as Google, are content machines that attract as many “clients” (that’s all of us using them!) as possible. They try to provide us with the most relevant content that matches our query, while making a profit from ad revenue.

Every time we use a search engine, consciously or subconsciously we choose the listing we believe will give us the best answer. Very few people ever think about how a specific listing appears above another. Or why, out of a location that could have thousands of relevant result these are the 10 Google presents us with. We mostly simply accept these listings as the authority.

One of the reasons that Google is the market leader is thanks to their ability to serve up relevant content to users. This is a meme-googleresult of constant updates to their highly sophisticated algorithms, always better pinpointing authoritative content and sniffing out spammy websites.

AS a result of this, we do not ‘game the system’ and instead literally give the search engines what they want: relevant content that is correctly sorted, labelled and categorized, and that has proven to be useful to users ahead of scores of other sites.

To the winners go the spoils – 90%+ of all searches never leave page one.

Our job is to help the search engines see YOU as the most relevant result.

We firmly believe that when you grow, so do we.
Many of our clients have us on a monthly retainer to perform ongoing SEO for their site. This can include several services such as mapping out an adaptive SEO strategy, ensuring your website is user-friendly, engaging and converts well, building authority to your site in the eyes of Google.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it, take 10 minutes to fill out our Domination Form and we’ll be in touch if you’re a good fit.


People are searching for your products & services right now.
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Nothing says more about the quality of our work than the success of our customers.

“Anthea is one of those select few marketers who is driven by her desire to propel businesses to the forefront of excellence. Her thorough understanding of online marketing and keen sense of what customers want makes her more than just an SEO consultant who will rank your website, as her strategies are laser focused on giving measurable results that will only take you from strength to strength.”

Kotton Grammer | Youth Noise & KottonGrammer.com

“Amazing, good quality web design. Just what we were looking for. Apart from that, the SEO is just brilliant with good and fast results ”

Rob Hermann | B2C Lead Generation

“Amazing, good quality web design. Just what we were looking for. Apart from that, the SEO is just brilliant with good and fast results ”

Sue Mathieson | SM Promotions